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iOS Apps

Gardenz - An unblock puzzle with endless levels

Help the bees collect the pollen from the flowers and let them reach the next garden to the right. Move the flowerbeds to unblock the way for the bees. Just slide the beds in the new position, but horizontal flowerbeds can only move horizontally and vertical ones can only move in vertical direction.
A puzzle game with endless fun and countless puzzles – over ten thousand.

Enough puzzles to fly for a long time.

Kidz AnimalNamez - A guess the name quiz

The wonderful world of animals. Can you name them all?
In this trivia quiz you will see a cute picture and have to click on the letters to build the name of the animal. Educational and fun for children and grow-ups and adults can test their knowledge. There are animals from all around the world and places. Need Help? You can use skips, reveals and removes so you will not stuck.
Kids and adults love this zoo - so how about you?

Watch Apps

Eggz - A Kitchen Timer

Remember: 9 out of 10 chicks choose Eggz!
So don't stay behind and buy your chick this lovely handcrafted kitchen timer. With Eggz your eggs will be perfect now every morning. Chicks love this! Enter the size of your eggs and then choose your favorite grade. The timer start immediately and will notice you when the process of boiling is finished. Simple and easy - try it yourself now! 

Please support free chickens and don't buy cheap eggs!

LOVE SEX - An Adult Toy

This is a two player only game.

A watch-app for play foreplay …
Take some romantic time with your partner and hit that love button, baby!