ZenDoz ArtBookz - 2 - Wildlife Animals

 iPhone VersioniPad HD-Version
Do you remember when you was young and, back in those days, how much you like to sketch, doodle, color and tangle with pen and pencil? If so, then this Z-APP! is a gem for you and if you said no, then maybe you should give it a try now.
The ZenDoz ArtBookz will give you the best templates to print on a airprint-ready printer and used it to your needs. No more expensive coloring-books to buy - just print your favorite pages again and again.
ZenDoz is meditation with a pen!

– over 40 pictures in 3 variations each
– 5 wallpapers to install on your device
– 1 alphabet
– printable on every airprint-ready printer (see the list here)
– background music

How to use this app
1Select Art  – Swipe the pictures or use the arows (ipad hd-version)
2Check Art – Double tap to zoom in (double tap again to zoom out)
3Print Art – Select print from the menu in the upper left
4Make Art – Use the print to color, doodle or tangle it
5Enjoy Art – Feel happy when you do marvel at your work

And now have fun beeing creative!

Remember: We don't make mistakes here, just happy little accidents … or – these little son of a guns hide in your brush, you just have to push them out … So pick up your brushes and paint happy little trees to your heart …
(Bob Ross, The Joy Of Painting)